Word stress quiz 1

Each block represents a syllable in a word. The big block is the stressed syllable. For example, the word adjacent has 3 syllables. The stressed syllable is the middle one: ad-JA-cent. The stress pattern looks like this: ▪▮▪

Look at each stress pattern, find the matching word and click on it. Then click on Show answers.

#▮▪ mature compile suspend *insight #▪▮ *detect guideline drama visual #▮▪▪ successor undergo *ultimate prohibit #▪▮▪ definite recommence protocol *persistent #▪▪▮ implicit *volunteer minimal coherent #▮▪▪▪ *functionally occurrences analytic reconstruction #▪▮▪▪ infrastructure derivation *identify economics #▪▪▮▪ complexity *integration accuracy subordinate