We The Economy

We The Economy is a series of 20 short films which you can watch online. The films look at economics in general and the US economy in particular, and try to answer these questions:

  • What is the economy?
  • What is money?
  • What is the role of our government in the economy?
  • What is globalization?
  • What causes inequality?

Told through animation, comedy, musical, non-fiction, and scripted films, WE THE ECONOMY seeks to demystify a complicated topic while empowering the public to take control of their own economic futures.

For example, the film Cave-o-nomics (pictured) asks:

How did the economy get started?
Meet Ugg, Glugg and Tugg, three enterprising cave men who accidentally invented trade, marketing and the base elements of the modern market economy.

The films were produced by Morgan Spurlock (director and star of SuperSize Me) and Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.