The Norfolk dialect

During the Christmas holidays you might talk to local people in and around Norwich. As you will have noticed, the local accent is a bit different from the “standard” English of the BBC or most of your teachers.

For example:

  • The word here sounds like hair; beer sounds like bear; really sounds like rarely.
  • The -y- sound before the vowel in words like music is omitted, so Hugh sounds like who; feud sounds like food. (This is called yod-dropping.)
  • Older people may pronounce words like home, stone, boat with the same vowel sound as foot or put.

There are also some differences in grammar and vocabulary.

Read more about East Anglian English here. UEA has its own Notes on the Norfolk Dialect.

You can listen to some examples of the Norfolk dialect in the Survey of English Dialects (under View by – County – M-O – Norfolk).