Tatoeba is a database of sentences and translations. Enter a phrase and it shows example sentences in several languages.

For example, a search for get drunk finds 95 English sentences, such as:

Let's get drunk.
Don't get drunk.
Tom is getting drunk.
I never get drunk.
Getting drunk won't make things better.

Sentences come with a varying number of translations.

Tom gets drunk almost every evening.
Том се пијани скоро секоја вечер.
Том напивается почти каждый вечер.
Tom se emborracha casi todas las noches.
Tom hemen hemen her akşam sarhoş oluyor.
Том напивається майже кожного вечора.

Some sentences have been given tags such as “present continuous”, which you can then search for:

You are abusing your authority.
My heart's aching.
My brother is always acting foolishly.

Some sentences include sound recordings.



The Shtooka Project is a collection of sound recordings of words and sentences in several languages.

For example, here is the English word university:


Recordings can be downloaded in various formats. They are used in Wiktionary. They are also being used for our own minimal pair pronunciation quizzes.


Type IPA phonetic symbols

This website lets you type words with symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), like these:

ʃ θ ʊ ʌ ʒ æ ɑ ð ə ɪ ŋ ɒ

You can then copy the IPA text to your document.

Another website (previously mentioned) converts your English text to IPA.



In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.

ɪn ðə ruːm ðə ˈwɪmɪn kʌm ən gəʊ
ˈtɔːkɪŋ əv ˌmaɪkəˈlænʤələʊ.

toPhonetics converts English text to IPA phonetic transcription. Paste or type your text in the box, choose British or American pronunciation and decide whether to transcribe weak forms. For example (with British pronunciation and weak forms selected):

Learning resources from INTO University of East Anglia
ˈlɜːnɪŋ rɪˈzɔːsɪz frəm ˈɪntʊ ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsɪti əv iːst ˈæŋglɪə

The transcription offers alternatives for resources and INTO. As INTO is a name, we use the strong form.

You can listen to the transcribed text.

toPhonetics is also available as an app for iOS and Android.


Gap fill makers

Online tools for making gap fill exercises (cloze tests) usually have something wrong with them. This one, for example, looks nice and simple, but the “let me choose” option is buggy. More promising is the Gapfill Printable Exercise Generator (Version 2) at Random Idea English, which has been “Currently under testing” since 2012.

After pasting in your text, you choose one of four ways to make the gaps: Manual (put square brackets around the words to be gapped), Random (with options), Auto (list the words) and Gapmaker (just click on the words).

You can see the finished exercise in various formats. For example, this a document-friendly version, which you can copy and paste into Word:

coffee · cruellest · desire · dried · forgetful · lilacs · roots · stopped · sunlight · surprised · warm

  1. April is the ____________ month, breeding
  2. ____________ out of the dead land, mixing
  3. Memory and ____________, stirring
  4. Dull ____________ with spring rain.
  5. Winter kept us ____________, covering
  6. Earth in ____________ snow, feeding
  7. A little life with ____________ tubers.
  8. Summer ____________ us, coming over the Starnbergersee
  9. With a shower of rain; we ____________ in the colonnade,
  10. And went on in ____________, into the Hofgarten,
  11. And drank ____________, and talked for an hour.

Digital Tools for Teachers

Digital Tools for Teachers is an ebook by Nik Peachey. Aimed at English language teachers, it includes over 70 tools – divided into reading tools, writing tools, presentation tools, etc.

For example, under Reading Tools there is a review of Rewordify and under Listening Tools you can find LyricsTraining.

The book is in PDF format, I couldn’t get the internal links (to the various chapters) to work, but the links to the tools were fine.

You can read more about the book. It costs $4.99, but there is a code you can use to download it for free.


Write & Improve

Write & Improve is a free tool from Cambridge English that marks your writing and assesses your English level.

You can either do the set tasks or create your own task and paste in some text.

It thought my moon essay was quite good (4/5) and my English was native-speaker level. However, it did mark some words and sentences as wrong when they weren’t.