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The Oxford English Dictionary picks a word each day. They tend to be “hard” or unusual words. Recent picks include: bricoleur – a person who performs a variety of manual jobs; someone who fixes things in an ingenious manner grandiloquent – characterized by a high-flown, extravagant, or bombastic style or manner, esp. in language Nowheresville… Read more OED Word of the Day

Synonyms for “unkempt”

Two days ago we quoted a letter to The Times from 1968, which described some UEA students as “childishly noisy”, “completely lacking in manners” and “unkempt”. The Oxford English Dictionary has various defintions of unkempt. The one intended by the letter-writer would seem to be: Of a person’s or (occasionally) an animal’s appearance, condition, etc.:… Read more Synonyms for “unkempt”

Film words

In its latest update the Oxford English Dictionary has added over 100 words and phrases connected to film. 20 adjectives relating to specific directors have been included, such as: Kubrickian Spielbergian Tarantinoesque Some horror film terms have been added. For example: gorehound scream queen jump scare For more, see this article.