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The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is “dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas”, especially works in the public domain. It has essays on a variety of topics. For example: Loos, Lewdness, and Literature: Tales from the Boghouse The Dancing Plague of 1518 Frolicsome Engines: The Long …

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ELT Journal table of contents, 1946

The Question Box

The ELT Journal has been published since 1946. Until 1981 it had a section called The Question Box, which answered readers’ questions. Three examples from the earliest issues: Question: I have recently come across fry-pan for frying-pan. Is this form considered correct? Answer: Fry-pan is not accepted as standard English and is considered incorrect by …

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ELT Journal cover

ELT Journal

ELT Journal is a quarterly journal about English language teaching. The latest issue has an article about language assessment and a discussion about the evils of IELTS. It can also be accessed via BrowZine.


JournalTOCs is a collection of the tables of contents of 33,000 academic journals. You can search for journals, “follow” them and read their tables of contents online. You can also choose to receive emails when new issues come out, or set up an RSS feed. If UEA has access to a journal, you can read …

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Sport in History

Sport in History is the quarterly academic journal of the British Society of Sports History. Some examples of articles: Her own hero: the origin of the women’s self-defense movement Game of privilege: an African American history of Golf The turbulent world of Middle East soccer It’s Rough Game but Good Sport: The Life, Times and …

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Celebrity Studies

Time is out of joint: the transmedial hauntology of David Bowie If you have no idea what that means, well, it’s the title of an article in the academic journal Celebrity Studies. The current issue is dedicated to the study of Bowie. Other recent issues have articles on (for example) The Great British Bake-Off, Super …

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Trial of library resources

UEA Library has trial access to some online resources. They are expensive, so the library needs to know which are worth keeping. They are: Archives of Sexuality & Gender British Periodicals Collections Cecil Papers Drama Texts Collection Film Scripts Online Informit Indigenous Archive International Herald Tribune LGBT Magazine Archive Nichols Newspapers Collection Picture Post Historical …

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Norwich Economic Papers

Norwich Economic Papers is a journal written and edited by UEA School of Economics students, some of them graduates of INTO. In fact, one of our student wardens is the current editor. There are 18 volumes so far, dating from 2010 to 2018. The latest volume includes articles on: wage discrimination on Irish immigrants the environmental …

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Journal of International Students

The Journal of International Students is published 4 times a year and can be read by everyone for free online. The most recent issue (October 2018) includes these articles: Stress-driven spending: correlates of international students’ adjustment strains and compulsive online buying “They make no contribution!” versus “We should make friends with them!”—American domestic students’ perception of …

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ELT journals

A number of academic journals on English-language teaching are available through BrowZine, under Social Science and Behavioral Science » Linguistics » Language Learning and Acquisition. For example: ELT Journal English for Specific Purposes Journal of English for Academic Purposes TESOL Journal TESOL Quarterly There are also related journals, such as Language Testing and Journal of Second …

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Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek is – astonishingly – a weekly magazine about business. You can read 10 articles online without paying, while UEA Library provides full access. The main page for UEA access is here. You can search the magazine and browse issues. There may be a delay of a few days before the latest issue is …

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BrowZine links

If you find a journal article through UEA Library Search, you can now (sometimes) go to that issue of the journal in BrowZine: Similarly if you find a journal title, you can read it in BrowZine: From: tag – the UEA library blog


BrowZine is a collection of academic journals, arranged in subject categories. For example: Business and economics > Business > E-commerce BrowZine makes it easy to browse journals and articles, when you’re not looking for anything in particular. UEA has access to the full-text of the journals, though sometimes recent articles cannot be viewed.