Scalloped hammerhead shark

A few months ago Twitter had a game with the hashtag #UnscienceAnAnimal. The idea was to compose funny labels for the anatomies of various animals. such as the scalloped hammerhead shark (pictured). Examples of labels are wiggly bits, scary part, booper, floof, squirt hole and so on. Source: American Scientist

BABEL Generator

The BABEL generator writes meaningless essays, which nevertheless get high scores from automated essay scoring systems. Read about this here. To create an essay, just enter three keywords: for example, international + students + Britain. Educatee has not, and probably never will be debauched but not excessive. Society will always mortify international; some at executioner… Read more BABEL Generator

See you later…

You may know the farewell catchphrase, See you later, alligator, to which the usual reply is, In a while, crocodile. This “Goodbye Shirt” has several more, including: In a few, cockatoo See you soon, big baboon Another time, porcupine Gotta go, buffalo “See You Later, Alligator” is also a well-known song.


A man using this Chinese ATM pressed the Correct button three times and the machine swallowed his card. He thought Correct was being used as an adjective, but it was a verb! correct (adjective) = right; OK; with no mistakes correct (verb) = remove mistakes; revise; change something which is wrong, to make it right… Read more Correct

The gerbil who won a UEA election

From The Associated Press, February 13, 1988 Ken The Gerbil Wins Student Election At University DATELINE: NORWICH, England A gerbil named Ken, campaigning on a platform of free beer and soft toilet paper, beat five other candidates to become president of the Student Union at the University of East Anglia. Ken’s owner, chemistry student Julian… Read more The gerbil who won a UEA election