Because Internet

Book cover

Because Internet : Understanding the New Rules of Language, by linguist Gretchen McCulloch, is a guide to the way internet language is evolving. She explains how your first social internet experience influences whether you prefer “LOL” or “lol,” why ~sparkly tildes~ succeeded where centuries of proposals for irony punctuation had failed, what emoji have in… Read more Because Internet

Learn English with Cambridge

Learn English with Cambridge is a new YouTube channel, with videos presented by five youngish teachers. The videos so far: 3 phrasal verbs to express excitement in English American vs. British English vocabulary differences Asking for and giving directions in English Common travel expressions in English Common mistakes with modal verbs in English Dietary requirements… Read more Learn English with Cambridge

Grammar glossaries

There are many technical terms used to describe grammar, vocabulary, etc. For example: determiner, inflection, morphology, subordinate clause, transitive verb. Some glossaries have been compiled to help English teachers in British schools: Glossary for the programmes of study for English [PDF] UK Government: Department for Education About 80 terms, for use in primary schools.* Englicious… Read more Grammar glossaries