Learn English with Cambridge

Learn English with Cambridge is a new YouTube channel, with videos presented by five youngish teachers. The videos so far: 3 phrasal verbs to express excitement in English American vs. British English vocabulary differences Asking for and giving directions in English Common travel expressions in English Common mistakes with modal verbs in English Dietary requirements… Read more Learn English with Cambridge

The Question Box

ELT Journal table of contents, 1946

The ELT Journal has been published since 1946. Until 1981 it had a section called The Question Box, which answered readers’ questions. Three examples from the earliest issues: Question: I have recently come across fry-pan for frying-pan. Is this form considered correct? Answer: Fry-pan is not accepted as standard English and is considered incorrect by… Read more The Question Box

ELT journals

A number of academic journals on English-language teaching are available through BrowZine, under Social Science and Behavioral Science » Linguistics » Language Learning and Acquisition. For example: ELT Journal English for Specific Purposes Journal of English for Academic Purposes TESOL Journal TESOL Quarterly There are also related journals, such as Language Testing and Journal of Second… Read more ELT journals