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UEA’s School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies has a politics blog called Eastminster. While it appears to be written entirely by two people called Editor and Admin, closer inspection reveals the actual authors. Some examples of posts: Seven Myths Used To Make The Case For A Second Referendum Terrorist obituaries: some early research… Read more Eastminster



ielts-simon.com is a blog of daily tips on the IELTS test. For example, from a recent post, IELTS Speaking: slow down!: While you may be marked down by the examiner if you hesitate too often, there’s nothing wrong with speaking a bit more slowly and carefully. You can post comments and questions.


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Lingthusiasm is: A podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics! Make your boring commute or chores feel like a lively, nerdy, language-y dinner party with real linguists! Gretchen McCulloch (All Things Linguistic) and Lauren Gawne (Superlinguo) bring you into fascinating and hilarious half-hour conversations about the patterns behind language which you never realized you were already saying.… Read more Lingthusiasm

Law blogs

Most law blogs seem to die after a few years. Current survivors include: UK Human Rights Blog UK Constitutional Law Association blog United Kingdom Immigration Law Blog Panopticon UK Supreme Court Blog Watching the Law Law and Lawyers Pink Tape The Time Blawg They have links to more blogs, though many are extinct. Update: More… Read more Law blogs