GCSE Sociology
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Wisdom Supreme
A Dictionary of Social Sciences



Globalization: A Very Short Introduction
by Manfred B. Steger. 2nd edn.

World of Sociology
by Joseph M. Palmisano (ed.)


Collins Dictionary of Sociology
by David Jary and Julia Jary (eds.). 4th edn.

A Dictionary of Sociology
by John Scott (ed.). 4th edn.

Global Social Issues: An Encyclopedia
by Christopher G. Bates and James Ciment (eds.)

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sociology
by George Ritzer (ed.)


Capitalism and Modern Social Theory
by Anthony Giddens

Contested Knowledge : Social Theory Today
by Steven Seidman. 6th edn.

Feminist Sociology
by Sara Delamont

The Sociological Imagination
by C. Wright Mills

Suicide : A Study in Sociology
by Emile Durkheim. 2nd edn.

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