A to Z of psychology
From Achromatopsia to Xenophobia. The British Psychological Society.

All in the Mind
BBC radio series

Mind Control; Emotions; Broken Brains
Episodes of The Brain: a Secret History (BBC).

Gerard Keegan: Psychology
Pre-university psychology resources

Introduction to Psychology
A course of video lectures by Paul Bloom at Yale.

Issues Online
Articles on social and psychological issues. Get login details from the Resource Centre.

The Mind
Psychological tests and articles from the BBC

Psychology journals
Via BrowZine

Resources for Psychology
UEA’s guide to resources

School of Psychology

Simply Psychology
Revision notes

Social Psychology Network
Links to social psychology resources

Topics: Psychology
Videos of TED Talks

Exam revision.

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50 Psychology Classics
by Tom Butler-Bowdon

The Brain Book
by Rita Carter

Cognitive Psychology : A Student’s Handbook
by Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane. 7th edn.

Essential Psychology : A Concise Introduction
by Philip Banyard et al.

Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence
by John Maltby, Liz Day and Ann Macaskill. 4th edn.

by G. Neil Martin, Neil R. Carlson and William Buskist. 5th edn.

by Theo Sonderegger

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour
by Richard Gross. 7th edn.

The Psychology Book
(Big Ideas Simply Explained)

Social Psychology
by Michael A Hogg and Graham M. Vaughan. 8th edn.

The Student’s Guide to Studying Psychology
by Thomas M Heffernan. 4th edn.


A Dictionary of Psychology
by Andrew M. Colman. 4th edn.

Introduction to Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology
by Darren Langdridge and Gareth Hagger-Johnson. 3rd edn.


The Happiness Trap Pocketbook : An illustrated guide on how to stop struggling and start living
by Russ Harris and Bev Aisbett

by Alan Baddeley, Michael W. Eysenck and Michael C. Anderson. 2nd edn.

Out of Our Minds : The Power of Being Creative
by Ken Robinson. 3rd edn.

The Shallows : How the internet is changing the way we think, read and remember
by Nicholas Carr

Why Love Matters : How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain
by Sue Gerhardt. 2nd edn.


  More psychology ebooks at Credo Reference and ProQuest Ebook Central

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