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Critical Media Studies : an Introduction
by Brian L. Ott and Robert L. Mack. 2nd edn. (2014)

Get Set for Media and Cultural Studies
by Tony Purvis (2006)

The Magazines Handbook
by Jenny McKay. 3rd edn. (2013)

The Media in Britain : Current Debates and Developments
by Jane Stokes and Anna Reading (eds.) (1999)

The Media Student’s Book
by Gill Branston and Roy Stafford. 5th edn. (2010)

Media Studies: Key Issues and Debates
by Eoin Devereux (ed.) (2007)

Media Studies : the Essential Resource
by Sarah Casey Benyahia et al. 2nd ed. (2013)

Navigating the News: A Political Media User’s Guide
by Michael Baranowski (2013)

The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies
by John G.H. Downing (ed.) (2004)

The SAGE Handbook of Social Media
by Jean Burgess, Alice Marwick and Thomas Poell (eds.) (2017)


A Dictionary of Journalism
by Tony Harcup (2014)

A Dictionary of Media and Communication
by Daniel Chandler and Rod Munday. 3rd edn. (2020)

Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies
by James Watson and Anne Hill. 9th edn. (2015)

A Dictionary of Social Media
by Daniel Chandler and Rod Munday (2016)

English for International Journalists
by Mike Gandon (2013)

English for Journalists
by Wynford Hicks. 4th edn. (2013)

Key Concepts in Journalism Studies
by Bob Franklin et al. (2005)

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