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The Bramble Bush : The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School
by Karl N Llewellyn

Business Law
by Ewan MacIntyre. 8th edn.

English Legal System
by Catherine Elliott and Frances Quinn. 17th edn.

Essentials of Business Law
by Ewan MacIntyre. 5th edn.

How the Law Works
by Gary Slapper. 3rd edn.

Law : A Very Short Introduction
by Raymond Wacks

Law for Business Students
by Alix Adams. 9th edn.

Legal Method
by Ian McLeod. 9th edn.

Letters to a Law Student
by Nicholas J. McBride. 2nd edn.

Studying Law
by Simon Askey and Ian McLeod. 4th edn.


A Dictionary of Law
by Jonathan Law (ed.). 9th edn.

How To Write Better Law Essays
by Steve Foster. 3rd edn.

Legal Writing
by Lisa Webley. 2nd edn.

Writing for Law
Dave Powell and Emma Teare


Can Human Rights Survive?
by Conor Gearty

Is Eating People Wrong? Great Legal Cases and How they Shaped the World
by Allan C. Hutchinson

More law ebooks at Credo Reference and ProQuest Ebook Central

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