🌐 Websites

Business news

The Bottom Line
Business discussion programme. BBC radio. Also video clips.

Business Case Studies
With revision notes

Business English Lexis Site
The most significant words of Business English. From University of Turku.

Business journals
Via BrowZine

Business, Management, Finance and Accounting
UEA’s guide to resources

Business words
Word list from INTO UEA Resource Centre (PDF)

Company profiles
From Nexis

Video lectures on business and management

Company profiles

Market and consumer information on food, drink, etc.

Norwich Business School

Reuters: Business
Business news

Rutgers Business Research Guide
Researching business and management

Statistics portal for market data, market research, etc.

Exam revision

The World’s Biggest Public Companies
From Forbes

📖 Ebooks

1000 CEOs
by Andrew Davidson (2009)

Business: The Ultimate Resource
by Jonathan Law. 3rd edn. (2011)

Business Student’s Handbook
by Sheila Cameron. 6th edn. (2016)

Business Studies for Dummies
by Richard Pettinger (2014)

A Dictionary of Organizational Behaviour
by Emma James (ed.) (2019)

Essentials of Organisational Behaviour
by Laurie J. Mullins and Gill Christy. 3rd edn. (2011)

Key Concepts in Marketing
by Jim Blythe (2009)

by John Naylor. 2nd edn. (2003)

Management : an introduction
by David Boddy. 7th edn. (2016)

Management and Organisational Behaviour
by Laurie J. Mullins. 11th edn. (2016)

Organizational Behavior
by Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge. 17th edn. (2016)