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Wordiness: Danger Signals and Ways to React
University of Toronto

University of Bristol

Improving Your Writing Style

Eliminating Wordiness
Purdue University


Academic writing style
How to Write Essays & Assignments
by Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers. 2nd edn. (2011)

Improving your style
How to Write an Assignment
by Pauline Smith. 8th edn. (2009)

Putting yourself into your academic writing
Writing at University : A Guide For Students
by Phyllis Creme and Mary R. Lea. 3rd edn. (2008)

The right word
The Student’s Guide to Writing
by John Peck and Martin Coyle. 3rd edn. (2012)

Academic Writing : a Handbook for International Students
by Stephen Bailey. 5th edn. (2017)

Style - economy
Style - simplicity
How to Write Better Essays
by Bryan Greetham. 4th ed. (2018)

Vocabulary and writing style
How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays
by Jeanne Godfrey. 2nd edn. (2013)