Taking notes

Taking notes from lectures and your reading.

See also Listening and Reading


Effective note-making
University of Reading

Note-taking software

Note-making: capturing what counts
University of Manchester Library

Tips, abbreviations, styles.

Note Taking Systems
California Polytechnic State University

Notetaking techniques
Open University



How to make the best notes
Essential Study Skills, by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield

Making notes
Effective Study Skills, by Geraldine Price and Pat Maier

Making notes
The Smart Study Guide, by Louise Tamblin and Pat Ward

Making notes and effective summaries of texts
Study Skills for Part-time Students

Note-making from texts
The Smarter Student, by Dorothy Bedford and Elizabeth Wilson

Note taking
Getting Ahead as an International Student, by Dave Burnapp

Note taking and note making
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia, by Sandra Hargreaves

Note-taking in lectures
The Smarter Student, by Dorothy Bedford and Elizabeth Wilson

Notes and annotations using words and diagrams
Business Student’s Handbook, by Sheila Cameron

Taking it in and working it out
Ultimate Study Skills Handbook, by Sarah Moore et al.