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Study Skills
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Study skills
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Study Resources
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The Business Student’s Handbook
by Sheila Cameron. 6th edn.

Critical Thinking Skills
by Stella Cottrell. 2nd edn.

Effective Study Skills
by Geraldine Price and Pat Maier

Essential Study Skills
by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield. 2nd edn.

The Exam Skills Handbook
by Stella Cottrell. 2nd edn.

Getting Ahead as an International Student
by Dave Burnapp

The International Student’s Survival Guide
by Gareth Davey

The Smart Study Guide
by Louise Tamblin and Pat Ward

The Smarter Student
by Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers

Study Skills for International Postgraduates
by Martin Davies

Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia
by Sandra Hargreaves. 2nd edn.

The Study Skills Handbook
by Stella Cottrell. 4th edn.

Ultimate Study Skills Handbook
by Sarah Moore et al.