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Referring to sources
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Academic Writing : A Handbook for International Students
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Moreover, Marcia (1989) added that the processes of exploration and commitment are best promoted in a secure environment.
Elsewhere Hobbs (1998) addressed the ecology and economy of Sinai opium production, paying particular attention to plant ecology and microhabitats.
As noted in the review of literature, Sundberg (1979) agreed with Seashore (1938) that the musical ear is extremely generous.
Nelson (2000) analysed 469 Halloween costumes and classified a mere 8.7% as gender neutral.
As Lewis and Westlund (2014) argued, "The big-data phenomenon raises many relevant questions for news media."
Noland (1989) asked participants to keep written records of their exercise behaviour.
Porter and Claas (1995) assert that pollution abatement is accompanied by improvement in production efficiency.
Sobel (1996) believes that children’s empathy with the natural world is critical.
This is what Kane (1992) calls an argument-based approach to validity.
Glusman and Kepner (1988) cited a 1988 survey that indicated that over 60 percent of joint ventures fail.
The concept of experience is, as Oakeshott (1933) claimed, one of the most difficult words in the philosophical vocabulary.
The study by Carr (2001) compared and contrasted the perceived placement learning opportunities offered by hospital and community-based placements.
In another work, Ehri (2000) concluded that learning to read and learning to spell are closely related.
This is reinforced by research conducted by Hartman (2005) and Hogan and Mallot (2005).
Merrick (1997) considered the decline in abundance of forage fish a possible factor in the decline of apex predators in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.
Majid (2014) contended that using this combined method captures the interest of students.
Blockstein (2002) defines credibility as "capable of being believed."
Nonetheless, the role for monetary policy is limited in that it must be passive, as defined by Leeper (1991).
However, Pearlin and Schooler (1978) demonstrated that avoidant coping can be adaptive.
Furthermore, Baake (2003) describes how this resonance may vary for people of different backgrounds and social situations.
Seed protein contents were measured by the method described by Jackson (1962).
This line of argument is further developed by Bartel (2004).
In addition, Salameh (2011) discovered that students who opted to study English literature in the Hashemite University conceptualize English as a perfect global language to be learnt.
Cochran-Smith (1991) discusses two approaches to preparing teachers to "teach against the grain."
However, previous studies discussed by Shane (1990) suggest that an adult bottlenose dolphin may consume between 4% and 6% of their body mass daily.
Early work on how sports are typed in regard to gender was done by Metheny (1965).
Kasperson (1992) emphasized the need for similar studies to clarify the effects of social amplification.
Armstrong (1991) estimated that the number of women getting tattooed has quadrupled over the past 40 years.
Newell, MacFarlane, Lusht, and Bulloch (1993) examined the real estate market in Sydney, Australia.
Collier (1995) explains that second-language acquisition is a complex phenomenon and a lifelong developmental process.
Abdullah (1985) explored the effects of work-family conflict on professional Malaysian women.
Brown and Medoff (1989) found that larger employers, on average, pay higher salaries.
It is entirely possible that the more commonly measured frontal electrodes would have revealed such a difference, as found by Saarela (2000).
Olsen (1970) focused on African Americans who had identified themselves as members of an ethnic minority versus those who did not.
Freeman and Johnson (1998) highlighted the central role of the teacher in language teacher education.
Ridley-Duff and Bull (2011) identified two types of social enterprises: non-profit and forprofit.
The second objective of the study was to examine the relationship between reaction times and the six major primary abilities originally identified by Thurstone (1938).
Similarly, Feuerstein (1992) included a rating scale ranging from 0 (difficult) to 100 (easy) to indicate the perceived difficulty of the listening situation by the listener.
Data from the NCES (2013) indicate that lower socio-economic students are at a higher risk of being bullied.
The concept of relative deprivation was introduced by Stouffer (1949) in his studies on The American Soldier.
Furthermore, Li and Zhu (2003) investigated the damage in the intestinal epithelial cell membrane as a result of heat stress in mice and reached the same conclusion.
As Weiss (1979) maintains, children in single-parent homes must "grow up a little faster”.
Palmer’s paper (1988b) then expanded on the argument made by Symons (1979).
For example, Wiggins (1984) mentions a series of studies into mental practice carried out by physical educator William Anderson in 1897-1898.
Fischer and Turner (1970) noted that there are essentially four factors affecting help-seeking behaviours.
As noted by Hutchinson (1996), SEM data provide clinicians with a level of confidence around any individual obtained score.
Casagrande (1981, pp.260-61) observes that across Ecuador similar opinions are held.
The concept of generalized symbolic mediators was introduced by Parsons (1963), and its significance for anthropology has been outlined by Turner (1968).
However, Martin (2004) pointed out the need for more research on many of these alternative approaches.
Greene (1992) presents a careful and the most recent analysis of this issue.
A more modest estimate of the carbon debt is presented by Raina (2002).
Claiborne and Vandenburgh (2001) proposed a new role for social workers in disease management.
The model proposed by Horowitz (1992) showed that the listing price has to balance two opposite and competing effects on the expected outcome.
Similarly, Grasha (1994) provides a conceptual framework of various teaching styles.
A thorough review of the history of conch mariculture was provided by Creswell (1994).
The Badu tribal sensibility, as Caton (1990, p.41) puts it, "does not separate aesthetic expression from the practical realm of life."
Additionally, Moritz and Watson (1998) recognized that until recently the Kenny and La Voie’s (1985) procedures have only been used in bivariate relationships.
Walsh and Buckley (1994) recommended addressing the social stigma of homelessness through developmental counselling.
The current investigation utilized an inductive approach to data analysis recommended by Hatch (2002).
Roberts and Styron (2009) referred to this as "psychological comfort" (p.3).
Misra and Singh (2002) reported that animals watered once in day, had lower feed intake.
These figures are slightly below the 36% reported by Snyderman (1991)
Previously, Reis, Neu, and McGuire (1997) reviewed research on students with learning disabilities who were also gifted.
This model has been reviewed and refined by Engelson (1989) and has been widely used.
Students learn important research and writing skills, and as Carter (1991) says, the results are "nothing short of electric" (p. 292).
Bunzl (2005) sees the "the new anti-Semitism" in Europe as comparatively less pressing than Islamophobia.
On another level, Grossen and Kelly (1992) showed that direct instruction is an effective method in a Third-World context.
As O‘Neil, Fisher and Rietschel (2014) stated, "The online learning environment is accessible anytime and anywhere."
Reinbot, Duda, and Ntoumanis (2004) stressed the importance of the social environment of an athletic team.
Shachar (2012) studied the role of dealers in providing liquidity.
The lack of correspondence between children’s and parents’ attitudes in the present study was also found in a sample of 89 school-age children studied by Malkus (1992).
Karsten (2007) suggests that housing quality is composed of two major components: site and situation.
As suggested by Warnier (1993), the king himself is considered a "container of vital substances" indispensable for the well-being of the village.
Hyman, Zelikoff and Clarke (1988) supported this hypothesis by postulating that adolescents exposed to violence may have lower self-esteem.
This recommendation is supported by White (2006) and Cruz-Jansen (1999)
In a recent study using this method, Madaus, Banerjee, and Hamblet (2010) surveyed disability services offices at 183 higher education institutions.
Benner (1984) used this model in her study of expert nurses.
Similar conceptual frameworks have been used by Anshel (1996), Anshel et al. (1997), Holahan, Moos, and Schaefer (1996), and Tobin, Holroyd, Reynolds, and Wigal (1989).
The musicologist Van der Merwe (1992) wrote, "From infancy Africans are trained to hear the six-pulse unit as interchangeably 3 + 3 and 2 + 2 + 2, beginning with the lullabies they hear from their mothers."

According to Huntingtonʼs analysis, in the course of overall modernization eventually government stability depends on urban support as urban-rural political power changes.
Goodeʼs argument has been challenged by a series of historical studies demonstrating that nuclear families prevailed long before industrialization in Western Europe
As for Rayʼs assertion that acid rain releases plant nutrients and is thus beneficial to forests, this is a sterling example of twisting the truth.
This result is consistent with Eriksonʼs belief that generativity extends beyond parenting and is not synonymous with it.
Smithʼs (1979) review of the research on gender and fear among children supports Ortonʼs conclusion.
The focus of the study to be reported here draws on Batesonʼs contention that embedded in context lies the meaning of experience.
Cooperʼs definition is short, succinct, and to the point.
Currinʼs description of the school librarian (1939) could be interpreted as one who is flexible, wise and a social genius, not unlike expectations for todayʼs teacher-librarian.
In Dawsonʼs discussion of the dialectal "a" in Shakespeareʼs plays and Addition IIc, his counts are inconsistent, his calculation to little purpose, and his interpretation mistaken.
But Greeneʼs emphasis was almost entirely on the scientific results of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and their diffusion.
Qatarʼs indigenous population in 1975 should have totaled some 56,000, about 4,300 fewer than Birks and Sinclairʼs estimate.
Land reform is also part of the context for Gillian Hartʼs examination of the discourses, practices, and contradictions of hegemonic neoliberal capitalism in contemporary South Africa (2002).
The gesture of reconciliation represented by the Japanese overture for re-establishing a diplomatic relationship with Korea has occurred, according to Toegyeʼs explanation, after a series of causative events.
Eqbal Ahmadʼs exploration of Islamic political culture helps us to understand these developments by identifying an "activist and insurrectionary" strain in Islam.
In contrast to Lannon and McKinnonʼs findings, Tucker discovered e-books in the business subject areas received lower usage compared to other subject areas.
Similar to Chang and Hannafinʼs focus on collaborative learning technologies, the final three articles in this special issue focus on the effects of technology transcience on particular technologies.
Galbraithʼs observation that capital demands increasing consumption as production levels rise is now even more salient.
Only four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) were included in Mehrolzʼs review and results were not focused on specific mobility outcomes defined in the scope of the present review.
In Paul Taylorʼs study of Mexican labour in southern California during this period, his interviews with growers and workers initially indicated a general satisfaction.
Following Karstenʼs suggestion, we divided our 11 features into external features (situation) and internal features (site).
Hongʼs survey found that Qingqi suffered the most serious loss of houses torn down by the military or destroyed by the August 23rd shelling among all the villages on Lieyu.
Kathleen Fitzpatrickʼs work (2011), for example, helps us understand the ways in which digital text separates the author from the text in a way in which print media did not.