Lecturers may summarize points that have already been covered in the lecture.

The words used could include:

  • recap
  • summarize
  • go over (again)
  • review


  • So I’ll just recap on symmetric matrixes. Symmetric means A transpose equals A, but not -- no good if A is complex.
  • And just to recap, some of the main points were that we can actually use genes or gene sequences for a couple of very important questions that we want to explore.
  • Then on Wednesday I’m going to do a recap of the course.
  • Let me summarize the whole picture here.
  • OK, so just to summarize for competition, interspecific competition results in either competitive coexistence, which can be achieved either through niche differentiation.
  • So this is mostly review on what we’ve had before, and we haven’t talked about some of these things in a little while, so we go over it again, and now we’re going to take it a next step...
  • And I think that was confusing for some people, so let’s just go over that very quickly.
  • So to review, let’s go to our basic supply and demand graph, Figure 2-1 in the handout.