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Using quotations
University of Toronto

Using quotes effectively
University of Sydney

How to quote a source

Using quoted material
University of Bristol

Integrating direct quotations into essay paragraphs
London Met

Punctuation of embedded quotations 1
University of Bristol

Punctuation of embedded quotations 2
University of Bristol


How to quote, paraphrase and summarise
Cite Them Right : The Essential Referencing Guide
by Richard Pears and Graham Shields. 11th edn. (2019)

Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism
by Kate Williams and Mary Davis. 2nd edn. (2017)

Quoting from a text
Student’s Guide to Writing
by John Peck and Martin Coyle. 3rd edn. (2012)

Why and how should you quote?
How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays
by Jeanne Godfrey. 2nd edn. (2013)