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PsychCrunch is a series of podcasts from the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest.

For example, one episode is How to be Funnier:

Can psychology help us to be funnier? Our presenter Ginny Smith hears how a key ingredient of humour is “incongruity” and the surprise of unexpected meanings. Individual words too can be amusing, but actually most of the time we laugh not because we’ve seen or heard a joke, but as a natural part of friendly interaction.

Besides the podcasts themselves, each episode is accompanied by links to background reading.

So far there are seventeen episodes:

  1. Dating and Attraction
  2. Breaking Bad Habits
  3. How to Win an Argument
  4. The Psychology of Gift Giving
  5. How To Learn a New Language
  6. How To Be Sarcastic
  7. Use Psychology To Compete Like an Olympian.
  8. Can We Trust Psychological Studies?
  9. How To Get The Best From Your Team
  10. How To Stop Procrastinating
  11. How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  12. How To Be Funnier
  13. How to Study and Learn More Effectively
  14. Psychological Tricks To Make Your Cooking Taste Better
  15. Is Mindfulness A Panacea Or Overhyped And Potentially Problematic?
  16. What’s It Like To Have No Mind’s Eye?
  17. How To Make Running Less Painful And More Fun