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Preparing for exams

👉 See also Exam Regulations – Instructions for Students (PDF)

Exams and Revision
Birmingham City University

The Student Room

Revising and examinations
Open University

Revision and Exams

Start to finish: Revision
Manchester University

Complete book

The Exam Skills Handbook
by Stella Cottrell. 2nd edn. (2012)


Avoiding exam fever: planning, preparing for, doing and recovering from exams
Ultimate Study Skills Handbook
by Sarah Moore et al. (2010)

Devising your revision and exam strategy
The Study Skills Handbook
by Stella Cottrell. 5th edn. (2019)

Doing well in examinations
The Business Student’s Handbook
by Sheila Cameron. 6th edn. (2016)

Examination techniques
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia
by Sandra Hargreaves (ed.). 2nd edn. (2012)