INTO’s plagiarism policy

This is a simple summary of INTO’s plagiarism policy. You can also read the complete policy.

During your course

First part of your course

During this period, we will treat plagiarism as just a mistake.

  • Your teacher will talk to you.
  • You may have to rewrite something.
  • The Plagiarism Officer may meet you and make a record.
  • You may have an extra writing session.

But there will be no punishment and you will not lose marks.

Second part of your course

During this period, we will view plagiarism much more seriously.

  • There could be a formal meeting with Plagiarism Officers.
  • Your marks could be reduced—even to zero in serious cases.
  • There will be a record against your name.
  • Your case could go to UEA’s Senate Student Discipline Committee, which has the power to exclude you from the university.

You will receive an email telling you when you are about to start the second part of your course.


If you are unsure about anything, ask your teacher.

This is not allowed at INTO. Do not ask anyone to proofread your writing. Do not pay for a proofreading service. Do not ask a friend to correct your work.
Timed writing
There will be regular tests of your writing in class. These are important and you must do them.
First drafts
Produce these when your teacher tells you. Always keep a copy.
All assignments must be written in your own English.
Computer software
Do not use translation apps, except for individual words.
Pasting text
Do not paste text into your assignment, even if you say where the text comes from. A sentence in quotation marks is allowed, but you should only do it once or twice. Science students must not do it at all.
Your text must be very different from the original text of your source.