Learning resources from INTO UEA


BBC Higher Bitesize: Physics
Physics revision for the Scottish Highers exam.

Big Bang Physics
YouTube videos on maths and physics.

How Stuff Works: Physical Science
Learn about everything from electricity to magnetism.

Khan Academy
Videos, articles and exercises

Guide to writing lab reports.

New Scientist
Science magazine

UEA’s guide to resources

Physics at UEA
In the School of Chemistry

Physics journals
Via BrowZine
"Your guide to physics on the web"
News and views about physics.

Science Photo Library
Science-related photographs

Science words
Word list (on this site)

50 Physics Ideas You Really Need to Know
by Joanne Baker (2007)

A Dictionary of Physics
by Richard Rennie and Jonathan Law (eds.). 8th edn. (2019)

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A- Level Physics
by Peter Davis and Tracey Joad (2016)

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
by K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson and S. J. Bence. 3rd edn. (2006)

The Penguin Dictionary of Physics
by John Cullerne (ed.). 4th edn. (2009)

Physics is...
by F. Todd Baker (2016)

Practical Physics
by G. L. Squires. 4th edn. (2001)

Scientific English : A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals
by Robert A. Day and Nancy Day. 3rd edn. (2011)

University Physics with Modern Physics
by Hugh D. Young and Roger A. Freedman. 15th edn. (2019)