Learning resources from INTO UEA


The five-paragraph essay
Capital Community College

Organizing an essay
University of Toronto

Organising your text

Planning the overall structure
University of Sydney

University of Sheffield

Making a detailed plan
London Met

Planning the overall structure
University of Sydney


Editing and Ordering your Material
How to Write Better Essays
by Bryan Greetham. 4th ed. (2018)

General structure and organisation
Doing Essays & Assignments
by Pete Greasley (2011)

How should I structure my writing?
Writing Up Your University Assignments And Research Projects
by Neil Murray and Geraldine Hughes (2008)

Organizing and shaping your writing
Writing At University : A Guide For Students
by Phyllis Creme and Mary R. Lea. 3rd edn. (2008)

Planning different types of essay
Essay Writing : a Student’s Guide
by MunLing Shields (2010)

Planning writing assignments
How to Write Essays & Assignments
by Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers. 2nd edn. (2011)

Producing an outline plan
How to Write an Assignment
by Pauline Smith. 8th edn. (2009)