Oh, not another TED Talk…

A few alternatives

The Bottom Line

Business discussion. BBC Radio 4 programme with Evan Davis.
About 290 audio episodes and 126 video clips.
Most episodes downloadable.
You will need to sign in to the BBC.
Also available on BoB.

Science Weekly

Podcasts from The Guardian.
About 800 episodes.
See also other podcasts and videos on this site.

Smithsonian Channel videos

Short videos on science, history, archaeology, etc.
Over 1,000 videos. Optional subtitles.
Also on YouTube. The channel also has its own website.

Very Short Introductions

56 short videos from Oxford Academic.
They accompany a series of books (many of them ebooks in UEA Library).
The authors talk about their topics, e.g. Symmetry; Atheism; Taxation; Nelson Mandela.
See also other video playlists from Oxford Academic.


Over 1200 videos of lectures, case studies and interviews on business and management.
Some have subtitles, transcripts, slides, handouts.

We The Economy

20 short films (5-8 mins) about the US economy.
Each film is “helmed by an acclaimed filmmaker, each with their own creative vision”.
With additional resources.

RSA videos

850 videos from the Royal Society of Arts.
They include talks and animations.
Also on YouTube.
Also 640 podcasts.


Podcasts from the British Psychological Society.
19 episodes so far. Downloadable.

All in the Mind

BBC Radio 4 series on psychology.
238 episodes. Downloadable.
You will need to sign in to the BBC.
Also available on BoB.

BBC Class Clips – Secondary

Video and other resources for GCSE, etc.
Examples: Law and order; Global citizenship.
See also BBC Teach on YouTube.

Gresham College Lectures

Videos on art and literature, business, history, law, mathematics, etc.
Both full-length lectures and “shorts“.
Also on YouTube.

Open Yale Courses

40 courses of full-length university lectures on history, science, economics, etc.
Available as video and (downloadable) audio files.
With transcripts.

See also some more links on our Lectures page.