Not One-Off Britishisms

British people have been complaining about Americanisms – words or phrases from the United States that have become common in Britain – since the eighteenth century.

For example, nowadays you often hear train station instead of railway station, fries instead of chips and movie instead of film.

Ben Yagoda’s blog Not One-Off Britishisms is about movement in the other direction:

Over the last decade or so, an alarming number of traditionally British expressions have found their way into the American vocabulary.

Some Britishisms are advert, DIY, ginger (a person with red hair), gobsmacked, Hoover (verb), kerfuffle, mobile (i.e. a mobile phone), on holiday, queue, sell-by date, short-listed, snog, straight away, take a decision, twee.

The latest blog post is on cheesed off.