Moving on


A lecturer will often signal that they have finished a topic and want to start a new one.

Phrases they could use include:

  • move on
  • turn to
  • [After a pause] OK.
  • let’s now talk about/look at/take a look at


  • So let’s move on to talking about the shapes of molecules.
  • So I think we’re safe to move on here.
  • I want to turn from the Temple of Venus and Roma to the much more famous temple that Hadrian constructed.
  • Let’s turn now to the other destabilizing group, the Arminians.
  • And we’ll turn to that a bit later.
  • OK. Good. Now I have just five minutes to tell you about this last topic ...
  • All right, so armed with that, let’s now talk about how firms make short-run production decisions.
  • Now let’s talk about long-run production.
  • So let’s take a look at some examples.
  • OK, now let’s just look at how equilibrium should work.
  • Now the next point in the lecture is to put those steps together into a matrix that does it all and see how it all happens.