Resource Centre


Opening hours

The Resource Centre is still open for INTO students and staff.

It is not currently staffed. If you borrow something, please write the details on the borrowing form on the staff desk.

If you have a question, please email or talk to the staff on INTO Reception.


INTO students and staff can borrow up to 8 items (books, DVDs, etc.) at a time for 4 weeks.

Items may be renewed indefinitely, so long as nobody else wants them.

Printing, copying and scanning

See UEA’s web page

Newspapers and magazines

The Guardian, i [newspaper], Eastern Daily Press
These newspapers are not being delivered at present.

The Economist, New Scientist, Time, National Geographic


Resource Centre, INTO University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ

01603 592740 (Resource Centre)
01603 592977 (INTO Reception)


Outline of the Resource Centre’s subject classification scheme

1100 English language
1200 Teaching English
1500 Course books
1600 Class activities

1800 Grammar
2000 Listening
2100 Speaking
2200 Pronunciation
2400 Reading
2600 Writing

4000 Dictionaries
4700 Vocabulary
5000 Examinations
5500 IELTS
6000 Study skills
6350 Business English

7300 Social science
7301 Sociology
7320 Politics
7330 Economics
7335 Accounting
7340 Law
7350 Business

7500 Science
7510 Mathematics
7530 Physics
7540 Chemistry
7551 Environment
7570 Biology

7610 Medicine & health
7629 Computing
7800 Literature
9000 Britain


News posts