Opening hours

The Resource Centre is open every day (including weekends) 7.30am–11pm.

Staff are on duty Monday–Friday 8.30am–12.30pm, 1.30–7pm.


  1. INTO students can borrow up to three items at a time for one week.
  2. Items can be renewed twice, but you must bring them to the Resource Centre to renew them.
  3. There are no fines for late returns, but if you lose an item, you will have to pay for it.
  4. UEA students are welcome to use our materials within the Resource Centre, but not take them away.

Newspapers and magazines

  • Daily (Mon-Fri): Eastern Daily Press, The Guardian, i [newspaper]
  • Weekly: The Economist, New Scientist, Time
  • Monthly: National Geographic


Outline of the Resource Centre’s subject classification scheme

1100 English language
1200 Teaching English
1500 Course books
1600 Class activities

1800 Grammar
2000 Listening
2100 Speaking
2200 Pronunciation
2400 Reading
2600 Writing

4000 Dictionaries
4700 Vocabulary
5000 Examinations
5500 IELTS
6000 Study skills
6350 Business English

7300 Social science
7301 Sociology
7320 Politics
7330 Economics
7335 Accounting
7340 Law
7350 Business

7500 Science
7510 Mathematics
7530 Physics
7540 Chemistry
7551 Environment
7570 Biology

7610 Medicine & health
7629 Computing
7800 Literature
9000 Britain


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See also our books on LibraryThing.


3 ways to get credit

To print or copy, you need credit.

1. Bank card

Log in to any INTO or UEA computer. At the top right of the screen a little box shows how much credit you have.
a) Click on Details …
b) From the menu choose Add Credit.
c) Choose the amount you want to buy and click on Add Value.
Enter your bank card details.
You can also add credit at

2. Cash

Put cash in a pay station in UEA Library.
You cannot buy credit with cash at INTO.

3. Transfer

A friend can transfer credit to you.
Click on the little box at the top right of the screen or go to


3 ways to print

Copying and scanning

  1. Tap your campus card on the card reader.
  2. Put your document in the printer:
    1. face up in the document loader on the top, or
    2. face down on the glass panel under the lid.
  3. Select Copy or Scan.
  4. If copying, choose the number of copies.
    Scans will be sent to your UEA email address.

Tip: If you don’t have your campus card with you, enter your UEA username and password instead.


Printing and copying A4 one side A4 two sides A3 one side A3 two sides
Black & white 5p 8p 10p 16p
Colour 25p 40p 50p 80p

Scanning is free.


Telephone 01603 592740 (From within UEA dial 2740)
Address Resource Centre
INTO University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
Norfolk NR4 7TJ
Great Britain