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Media studies words

Some common words used to talk about the media


A ad, advertisement, advertiser, advertising, advocate, agenda, argument, aspect, assumption, attitude, audience, awareness
B behaviour, belief, bias, blog, broadcast, broadcasting
C censorship, characteristic, citizen, communication, concern, consumer, consumption, content, context, coverage, culture, customer
D debate, definition, democracy, dependency, difference, discipline, discourse, discussion, document
E effect, elite, emphasis, engagement, exposure
F factor, fear, framework, freedom
G gap, gender, gratification
H hypothesis
I idea, ideology, importance, individual, influence, information, institution, interaction, interest, interpretation, issue
J journalism, journalist
K knowledge
L literacy
M marketing, mass, mean, meaning, media, medium, message, motive
N news, newspaper, norm
O object, opinion, orientation, outcome, outlet, ownership
P paradigm, perception, personality, perspective, persuasion, principle, print, product, professional, propaganda, propagandist, public, publication
R reader, regulation, relation, reporting, representation, researcher, resource
S satellite, setting, socialization, stereotype, strategy
T technique, telecommunications, television, theorist, theory, tool, topic
U understanding, user
V value, view, viewer, violence


advertise, aim, analyse, argue, associate, base, criticize, disseminate, distribute, emphasize, examine, frame, influence, inform, interpret, limit, mediate, perceive, persuade, portray, print, propose, publish, regard, relate, rely, report, shape, suggest, view


agenda-setting, alternative, biased, broad, cognitive, content, corporate, cultural, digital, dominant, effective, electronic, false, increasing, individual, influential, mainstream, mass, moral, negative, online, participatory, political, powerful, printed, psychological, radical, social, theoretical, violent

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