Macmillan Thesaurus

The Macmillan Thesaurus provides not only synonyms but also related words.

  • If you look up elephantine, you get words of similar meaning, such as large, big and enormous.
  • If you look up elephant, you get lists of other African and Asian mammals: giraffe, chimpanzee, panda, etc.

You can also browse for words under a hierarchy of topics. For example:

  • Communication and Interaction
    • Written Communication
      • Writing Media and Stationery
        • Glues and tapes for sticking things
          • adhesive noun
            a substance used for making things stick together
          • binder noun
            a substance used when making other substances that helps them stick together
          • Blu-Tack phrase
            a blue substance like soft rubber that is used for sticking pieces of paper, posters etc to walls
          • and so on.