Lonweb parallel texts

A parallel text

Lonweb or Languages-on-the-web has some stories and other texts translated from English into other languages. The texts are displayed in parallel.

For example, this is the beginning of a story in Indonesian and English:

Pencarian untuk Lorna  The search for Lorna
Daisy Hamilton adalah seorang detektif swasta. Daisy Hamilton was a private detective.
Dia berumur 30 tahun dan telah menjadi detektif dalam dua tahun ini. She was thirty years old and had been a detective for the past two years.
Tiap pagi dia pergi ke kantornya untuk menunggu panggilan telpon atau membukakan pintu bagi klien yang membutuhkan pelayanannya. Every morning she went to her office to wait for phone calls or open the door to clients needing her services.

Other languages include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and Turkish.

Note: INTO Resource Centre has a few books of parallel texts (English with Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Spanish), like this one: