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Lingthusiasm is:

A podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics! Make your boring commute or chores feel like a lively, nerdy, language-y dinner party with real linguists! Gretchen McCulloch (All Things Linguistic) and Lauren Gawne (Superlinguo) bring you into fascinating and hilarious half-hour conversations about the patterns behind language which you never realized you were already saying.

A new episode comes out every month. You can listen to the podcasts and/or read the transcripts. There is (so far) a single video episode, Why do we gesture when we talk?

Some recent topics:

  • You heard about it but I was there – Evidentiality
  • The verb is the coat rack that the rest of the sentence hangs on
  • Words for family relationships: Kinship terms
  • This, that and the other thing – Determiners
  • Talking and thinking about time