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Law words

Some common words used to talk about court cases, etc. They do not include many of the formal, technical terms found in legal documents.

A accused, acquit, Act of Parliament, action, adjourn, advocate, alibi, allegation, amendment, annulment, appeal, appear, application, arbitration, arrest, assault, assets, attorney general, authority
B bankrupt, barrister, beneficiary, bequest, binding, burglary, bylaw
C case, challenge, chambers, charge, circumstance, civil, claimant, clause, clerk, client, common law, community order, compensation, conciliation, conditional, conditions, conduct, consent, contempt, contract, convict, counsel, court, crime, criminal, culpable, custody
D damages, deed, defence, defendant, detain, detention, deter, discharge, discretion, discrimination, dismiss, dispute, dock, duty
E employment law, equity, estate, evidence
F fair, family law, fee, fine, fraud
G goods, grant, grounds, guilty
H hearing, human rights
I illegal, inheritance, injunction, injury, inquest, instruct, intent, interpretation, investigation, issue
J jail, judge, judgment, judicial, judiciary, jurisdiction, juror, jury, justice
L lawful, lawyer, legal, legislation, lenient, liability, liable, litigant, litigation
M magistrate, manslaughter, mediation, misconduct, murder
N negligence
O obligation, offence, offender, outcome, overturn
P paralegal, Parliament, parole, petition, plea, precedent, prison, probate, procedure, proceedings, proof, property, prosecution
R reasonable, refer, reform, regulation, rehabilitation, remand, reparation, represent, resolution, respondent, restitution, review, rights, robbery, ruling
S section, sentence, solicitor, statement, statutory, sue, summons, suspect, suspended sentence
T terms, theft, third party, tort, transparent, trespass, trial, tribunal
U unlawful, uphold
V verdict, victim, violation
W warrant, will, witness, writ