Language aptitude tests

Test 1

The questions in this section are based on an invented language called Dobla.

tashu duset sekar The diplomat seduces the daughter.
tine betsut vardar The maid helps the valet.
betsu tinet sirehar Does the valet love the maid?
claru bichut sudar The earl consults the butler.
vardehar bichu kochet Does the butler help the cook?
pante sirar tomut The scullery-maid loves the footman.
rokar elede duset The countess summons the daughter.
clarut tikehar mage Does the dowager rebuke the earl?


  1. Give the meaning of:
    1. tomu sekehar tashut
    2. pantet tikar koche
  2. Translate into Dobla: Does the daughter consult the dowager?

Test 2

The invented language is Kalaamfaadi.

Felhom ghrabop karhyd The farmer hates the crow
Milkyd felhom rassop The farmer owns a gun
Tayrom rassop karhyd The bird hates the gun
Sadyd tayrop sabyom The boy helps the bird
Bussyd felhop ghrabom The crow sees the farmer
Extayrop felhom talkyd The farmer shoots the birds
Exsabyom extalkyd felhop The boys shoot the farmer


  1. Give the meaning of:
    1. Exfellop sadyd rassom
    2. Extayrom exsabyop exbussyd
  2. Translate into Kalaamfaadi: The crows own guns.

Test 1 is from a test taken by Oxford University applicants who want to study classics. Test 2 is from a test for Oxford applicants in Oriental Studies.

Source: LRB blog. For likely answers to the questions, see the comments.