Instruction words 3

Instruction words and phrases in essay questions tell you how you should answer the question. For example: Compare and contrast the Gold Standard with the Bretton Woods system.

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  1. Using examples, present the evidence that social traits have a genetic basis.
  2. What is social group maintenance? Critically discuss the main evolutionary processes that contribute to social group maintenance.
  3. Discuss how genetic variation in humans is shaped by our environment. Give one example from our interactions with disease-causing organisms and the other from our interactions with either culture or the abiotic environment.
  4. Explain and assess the claim that the utopian reflex has been significantly reduced within contemporary society.
  5. Illustrate and account for the pessimism and optimism that utopian writers have felt in respect of science.
  6. Explore the genre’s relationship to violence, especially when this involves a sexual and/or racial component.
  7. There is additional feedback on global mean temperature, due to water vapour, clouds and other rapid feedbacks in the climate system, which can be estimated from climate models to have a gain in the range 0.55–0.65. Calculate the total gain of all four feedbacks on temperature. Comment on the magnitude of the gain as a possible explanation for the large change in temperature over the period from the LGM to EH.
  8. Consider how any Romantic writer responds to his or her historical context.
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