Instruction words 2

Instruction words and phrases in essay questions tell you how you should answer the question. For example: Compare and contrast the Gold Standard with the Bretton Woods system.

Click on the instruction words (or phrases) in these essay questions. Questions may have more than one instruction word.

  1. Evaluate with examples from at least two differing organisations the difference between the terms Information Systems and Information Technology.
  2. What can managers do to facilitate effective communication in organisations? Use theory and research to support your answer.
  3. ‘Possession of clever planning systems and electronic connectivity is almost a pre-requisite. Yet like an axe in the hands of a madman, these tools can be very destructive.’ Examine the issues raised in the statement above.
  4. You are working on a project to select a new student records system for the university. The new system will be an ‘off-the-shelf’ package. What criteria would you use to select such a package? Rank the criteria in order of importance to the university, justifying your ranking.
  5. Describe how your life as a student is different due to IT developments over the past decade.
  6. What are some of the sources of resistance to change in organisations and how can these effects be minimised? Include relevant theory and research in your answer.
  7. Provide evidence to support the following statement: ‘The growth of e-commerce is due to both business and technological innovations’.
  8. Critique the following statements: It would cost us £800,000 to build this system, but we can purchase an equivalent package for £125,000. Therefore, we can save £675,000 by purchasing the software package.
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