Instruction words 1

Instruction words and phrases in essay questions tell you how you should answer the question. For example: Compare and contrast the Gold Standard with the Bretton Woods system.

Click on the instruction words (or phrases) in these essay questions. Questions may have more than one instruction word.

  1. In the 2006 Boston Consulting Group survey, Apple was nominated as the world’s most innovative company. Explain which factors help companies like Apple to become so innovative?
  2. With reference to theory and research, discuss the main factors that should be considered when building an effective work group.
  3. “The only critical factor for successful operations management is to ensure that the internal Operations system conforms to the required standards.” Critically evaluate this assertion.
  4. Analyse some typical problems with ICT and the impact these can have on a business using illustrations from at least two differing organisations.
  5. Consider and discuss the advantages and pitfalls in using modelling during the development of information systems. Illustrate your points using at least two differing modelling techniques.
  6. Briefly define the following: a numerical variable; a categorical variable; a discrete random variable; a continuous random variable.
  7. Discuss the reasons why a firm may wish to grow vertically. Contrast these with the reasons for diversification.
  8. Differentiate between the two meanings of “systems analysis”, one associated with the RAND Corporation, the other with information systems development. Give some examples of the application of RAND methodology that demonstrate that it is both amoral and bad for business.
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