Hedging phrases 2

Hedging words and phrases indicate that you are not completely certain about something. For example: Why the Prayer Book crisis seems to have been peculiarly free from serious violence is a complicated matter, but several important features can be noted.

Click on the hedging phrases in these sentences. There may be more than one hedging phrase in a sentence.

  1. It could be the case that phonological processing in AWS is even more disturbed when such rhyme and orthography combinations are presented in a dual-task paradigm that imposes additional cognitive demands on the processing system.
  2. The vaccine is expected to offer protection against up to 88% of circulating MenB strains circulating in the UK.
  3. Because all teachers routinely carried a clipboard with instructional notes while teaching, it is unlikely that students raised suspicions about the purpose of the clipboard.
  4. Last year Sweden experienced similar embarrassment when it detected what was almost certainly a Russian submarine in the Stockholm archipelago, but failed to catch it after a highly public hunt.
  5. Milk yield was positively correlated with some of the faecal particle fractions. This is assumed to be rather a confounding effect of the positive relation between milk yields and concentrate amounts, which is the immanent goal and effect of concentrate feeding. In the plot of the principal component analysis, the milk composition was not situated on the same axis as feeding parameters, faecal particles and milk yield, which indicates that neither the chosen approach was able to predict milk composition, nor that the latter is somehow related to fibre digestibility.
  6. Identification with one side of the conflict necessarily negates identification with the other. Hence, a strengthening of Palestinian identity should cause an increased alienation from the state of Israel.
  7. Instead, his turn to sculpture is here presented as the result of a protracted internal meditation - prompted perhaps by the paintings of Velzquez, but hardly the simple result of external forces.
  8. However, even with the best medical and Egyptological forensic work, it is doubtful that all aspects of Tut’s health and causes of his death will ever be known.
  9. The findings could potentially influence the way disability documentation guidelines are applied in interpreting and reviewing documentation for eligibility and accommodations. In addition, the results might have implications for secondary personnel and for private evaluators who prepare documentation for students transitioning to postsecondary institutions
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