Hedging phrases 1

Hedging words and phrases indicate that you are not completely certain about something. For example: The squeeze of the moderates is probably caused by a combination of radicalization by some religious nationalists and the decision to support mainstream secular parties by others.

Click on the hedging phrases in these sentences. There may be more than one hedging phrase in a sentence.

  1. From the FDA study, the risk of developing ALCL after receiving implants appears to be approximately one in one million per year.
  2. The surviving evidence furthermore indicates that, among Rubens’s disciples, Van Dyck may have had privileged access to the model.
  3. in 1948 the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir showed that closely spaced metal plates become powerfully pressed together, presumably by the waves of vacuum energy outside them.
  4. The causative agent of AME has remained unidentified and may be responsible for unexplained acute encephalitis elsewhere in the world, particularly in regions sharing similar ecology and environment.
  5. Habitat expansion usually results in beneficial responses of fish when high-quality off-channel habitats are reconnected.
  6. Bats were long considered the primary pollinators of Ochroma, but recent research suggests arboreal mammals do most of the work.
  7. At first glance, these results are surprising given that academic achievement tends to be higher among girls and children from families with extensive support. Our counterintuitive findings may indicate that those children with the greatest need are responding at a higher level to early intervention support.
  8. Labour had deep divisions by 1975 and it is unlikely that the split over Europe created any new ones.
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