Gap fill makers

Online tools for making gap fill exercises (cloze tests) usually have something wrong with them. This one, for example, looks nice and simple, but the “let me choose” option is buggy. More promising is the Gapfill Printable Exercise Generator (Version 2) at Random Idea English, which has been “Currently under testing” since 2012.

After pasting in your text, you choose one of four ways to make the gaps: Manual (put square brackets around the words to be gapped), Random (with options), Auto (list the words) and Gapmaker (just click on the words).

You can see the finished exercise in various formats. For example, this a document-friendly version, which you can copy and paste into Word:

coffee · cruellest · desire · dried · forgetful · lilacs · roots · stopped · sunlight · surprised · warm

  1. April is the ____________ month, breeding
  2. ____________ out of the dead land, mixing
  3. Memory and ____________, stirring
  4. Dull ____________ with spring rain.
  5. Winter kept us ____________, covering
  6. Earth in ____________ snow, feeding
  7. A little life with ____________ tubers.
  8. Summer ____________ us, coming over the Starnbergersee
  9. With a shower of rain; we ____________ in the colonnade,
  10. And went on in ____________, into the Hofgarten,
  11. And drank ____________, and talked for an hour.