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Urban drainage systems which consist of combined and separate sewer systems *(Mannina_and_Viviani,_2009) have developed rapidly since the past several decades around the world. Separate sewer systems incorporated with stormwater systems have always been recommended due to the good ability to solve the problems of flooding and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) caused by heavy rainfall *(Cembrano,_2004; *Peng_et_al.,_2016; *Thorndahl_et_al.,_2015). Hence, drainage systems are currently being transformed from combined sewer systems into separate sewer systems in China and even in a world scale *(Peng_et_al.,_2016). However, according to the China’s Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook *(Ministry_of_Housing_and_Urban-Rural_Construction,_2016) and the China’s Urban Drainage Statistical Yearbook *(China_Urban_Water_Association,_2016), quite a large portion of more than 100,000 km combined sewer networks are still in use in China by the end of 2015.