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While office layout can influence behaviour, in particular human interactions *(Becker_and_Sims,_2001; *Hatch,_1990), it can also affect job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has been defined as ‘a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences’ *(Locke,_1976,_p._1304). There is an abundance of research linking office layout with job satisfaction. However, the findings are mixed, in particular with open-plan layouts, where the strength and direction of the relationships are not clear *(Oldham_and_Brass,_1979; *Wolfeld,_2010; *Zhu_and_Zhu,_2013). Other research has found that job satisfaction is positively related with being satisfied with the physical environment *(Veitch_et_al.,_2007) and that employees are most satisfied with the physical environment if it supports their needs *(Vischer,_2008). This suggests that the relationship between job satisfaction and office layout may depend on mediating factors, such as organizational culture, which can differ between organizations.