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Examples of linking words

Nambiquara has several words for honey. Similarly, many languages have several names for rice.

Europe is fully occupied with saving the eurozone. Japan is likewise tied down with economic problems.

Automotive deaths and injuries have been in decline for the past three decades. In the same way, we can reduce gun deaths and injuries.

Just as antibiotics enable the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, population-suppressing gene drives create the ideal conditions for resistant organisms to flourish.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, some patients were misdiagnosed. Secondly, some had asthma, but it was in remission.

Justice Harlan formulated a two-part test. First, the person must exhibit an actual expectation of privacy. Second, the expectation must be reasonable.

Finally, the research shows that business model innovation is important for improving performance in a small business environment.

Brass is stronger than copper and it has superior corrosion resistance.

A fall in interest rates will benefit borrowers. It could also help exports.

He serves on the Council on Foreign Relations. In addition, he is a member of the Board.

Turkey lacks the natural resources that have buoyed the exports of some countries. Moreover, some of its most important export markets are in sharp decline.

It is a widely held assumption that crime is more frequent among those of low social status. Furthermore, this assumption has been the basis for most theories of crime.

The Conservatives were defeated in the 1997 election. They lost the two following elections as well.

Dampness fosters the growth of microbial contaminants, many of which may serve as allergy or asthma triggers. Additionally, rodents and insects can be disease vectors.

Besides carrying out research, the Institute provided courses.

The latest economic recession has affected all European countries. It has had a major impact in Latin America too.

Restaurants will have to display the caloric content of their foods, but disclosures may not appear until 2014.

Girls usually study harder than boys. However, boys often do better in exams.

Although it is used in an ever-increasing number of civilian and military devices, GPS technology is far from perfect.

Standard Bank remains Africa’s largest lender, though its position has been weakened by the rand’s poor performance.

Tourism continues to grow despite the recession.

Two thirds of girls would talk to their mother about sex, whereas only one in ten would talk to their father.

While cancer mortality rates are improving for the under 75s, they are getting worse for people aged 85 and over.

China now invests more than the United States and Europe combined. Brazil’s total investment, on the other hand, has remained under 19 percent of GDP.

Russia is no longer a global superpower. Nevertheless, it remains an extremely influential player.

Street traders are common in developing countries. In contrast, Western Europe has few businesses of this kind.

There is a common belief that undocumented workers do not pay taxes on their wages. On the contrary, they pay billions of dollars annually in income taxes using false documents or those of other people.

Women leaders in Kurdish society belonged as a rule to the aristocracy.

The sun generates neutrinos in droves, but for the most part those particles pour through the Earth, like phantoms.

Generally, the goats grow very fast from 0 to three months, and grow slowly after eighteen months.

In general, all computer files should be free from access by any but the authorized users.

Short squeezes are usually accompanied by sizable price distortions that affect all T-bond sectors.

The emperor would bestow gifts, which in most cases far surpassed the value of gifts he had received.

The diamond-water paradox: although water is on the whole more useful than diamonds, diamonds command a higher price in the market.

Success in school and later in life is to a great extent dependent upon the ability to read and write.

Broadly speaking, liberation theology attempts to interpret the gospel of Jesus Christ through the lived experiences of oppressed people.

Obviously, jobs differ in the skills required, in their importance to society, and in the education that they need.

Clearly, not every medical student needs an MBA or advanced managerial degree.

Attitudes toward gaming vary, of course.

In the US it is common to shorten long names of streets. For example, Massachusetts Avenue becomes Mass Ave.

Many languages have three genders: Russian and German, for instance.

When it came to non-core products, such as pensions and insurance, these numbers rose dramatically.

The event will include food from around the world, including India, Africa, America and Europe.

The model now extends to secondary care providers (e.g. hospitals, clinics and specialists).

Weight loss during pregnancy may be harmful. In particular, pregnant women should be advised against crash dieting.

The industry benefited from new technology. Above all, it profited from a growing demand.

The agent supervises the business side of the election. Most importantly, he is responsible for expenses.

In thinking through the future of AI, it is useful to consider fiction, especially science fiction.

White supremacist rhetoric was responsible for violence across the state, most notably in Wilmington.

The task is, in short, to transform 4.8 million people from dependent refugees into productive citizens.

In conclusion, this technique is safe and effective.

In brief, the teacher needs to be sympathetic to the students.

To summarize, anti-dumping law in both countries rejects the consumer and national treatment theory.

To conclude, the study found that culture and gender do affect the perceived causes of loneliness of young adults.

Aristotle, then, recognizes three stages of philosophy: myth, nature, abstraction.

Apple is lowering its revenue guidance for the first quarter of 2019. In other words, Apple is not going to make as much money as it had previously anticipated.

Many vaccines are inactivated vaccines - that is to say, the pathogens they contain have been killed so that they can no longer harm the patient.

Both cases have implications for the Mind-Body Problem, i.e. the dualism of the physical/material basis of the human body and the non-physical/ideal nature of the human mind.

The factory should be moved because it is in the wrong place.

The expedition failed because of bad weather.

Sheep totals began to show a clear downward trend, due to increasing difficulties in the wool trade.

There will be 6000 fewer police officers as a result of the government’s budget cuts.

He had spent a lifetime studying the subject, so he was regarded as an expert.

People with asthma may feel better during the summer months and therefore take a break from their medications.

Arabic is an increasingly important language. Consequently, there is a demand for graduates who can speak it.

The settlers objected to the education of Africans. As a result, few schools were built.

The current vaccine can produce severe adverse complications. For this reason, it should not be given to infants.

Oil companies can make money from speculating in oil. Accordingly, they can make money irrespective of whether the price of crude is high or low.

This debate will no doubt continue long into the future, since there are several crucial issues that need to be resolved before any consensus can emerge.

In this type of argument, you first admit an opposing idea may have some truth in it. But then you respond with another point.

It is true that the federal courts were presumed to lack jurisdiction until its existence was shown. Nonetheless, many features of modern law that follow from this were not embraced at the beginning.

Certainly, Mill is explicit about the civilizational double standard. Nevertheless, other scholars have viewed his objectivity on Indian matters as distorted by his service in the East India Company’s London office.

Granted, women’s professional wrestling has been around since the 1930s. But by the time wrestling became a popular endeavour, it was a sport dominated by men.

Many girls, of course, exhibit both girly and tomboy traits. Nevertheless, the tomboy is an overlooked part of how society understands gender and sexuality.

Admittedly, the plain language of the statute suggests that Congress intended this provision to be a firewall against remedial actions. But the plain language is not always clear.