Unlocking phones with stickers

Setting up a password or PIN number can protect your smartphone, but only 36 percent of phone owners actually bother. Motorola claims that it takes 2.3 seconds to enter a PIN, which the average user does 39 times each day.

Moto X owners can now unlock their phones by tapping them against a sticker on their skin. The company calls these stickers Digital Tattoos.

The sticker is 24mm in diameter (about the size of a 10p coin) and contains a chip. You can stick it to the inside of your wrist. The company claims it will stay for up to five days and survive showering and swimming.

Once the Moto X detects a new sticker, it does a quick setup. This happens every time you change it.

The manufacturers sell a pack of 10 stickers for US $10. A year’s supply will cost you $80. Whether people will buy them at that price is unclear. An alternative that has been proposed is a ring that you wear on your finger.

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