Reading skills, critical reading, etc. from EAP Foundation.

Tips on selecting texts, predicting, skimming, scanning, etc. Monash University.

Reading tips, with worksheets and games, from the BBC.

Activities from British Council LearnEnglish.

Reading Skills for Academic Study
Academic reading tips from UEfAP.

Reading topics from Study Zone
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Ebooks about academic reading

Complete books

How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays
by Jeanne Godfrey. 2nd edn. (2013)

Reading At University
by Gavin J. Fairbairn and Susan A. Fairbairn (2001)


Critical reading and note taking
The Business Student’s Handbook, by Sheila Cameron

Effective academic reading
The Smarter Student, by Kathleen McMillan

How can I understand my topic?
Getting Ahead as an International Student, by Dave Burnapp

How to research and read academically
Essential Study Skills, by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield

Optimise your reading
Effective Study Skills, by Geraldine Price and Pat Maier

Reading strategies and speed reading
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia, by Sandra Hargreaves

Reading techniques
The Smart Study Guide, by Louise Tamblin and Pat Ward

Taking it in and working it out
Ultimate Study Skills Handbook, by Sarah Moore et al.

Collections of free ebooks

Graded readers

A good way to improve your reading skills and vocabulary is to borrow graded readers from the Resource Centre.

These are short books, mostly novels, that have been made easier for English language learners. They are in levels, from Beginner up to Advanced.