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A Moment of Science
Short science broadcasts (mostly audio).

Academic Earth
Video lectures from American, British and Australian universities.

Audio/Video Lectures at MIT
Lectures with course materials.

Big Think
Video talks, some including transcripts.

Gresham College lectures
Video and audio lectures, many with transcripts.

Lecture Vocabulary
Language that will help you to follow lectures. From Warwick University.

Listening to lectures
Possible differences between lectures in your own country and in the UK.

Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
Academic speaking.

Open Yale Courses
Lectures with transcripts.

Public Lectures and Events
Podcasts and videos, some with transcripts and slides, from LSE.

Reith Lectures
Radio and television broadcasts with transcripts, from 1948 to the present. BBC.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere
Lectures with transcripts.

Talks, with subtitles and interactive transcripts in English and other languages.

Understanding lectures
EAP Foundation

Understanding the structure of spoken texts
Common signals used in lectures to indicate structure. UEfAP.

University of Reading Lectures
Lectures, with transcripts and tasks.



How to get the most out of lectures
Effective Study Skills, by Geraldine Price and Pat Maier

The Smarter Student, by Kathleen McMillan

Listening skills
The Smarter Student, by Kathleen McMillan

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