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BBC iPlayer BBC online TV. To watch it, you are required to have a TV licence. BBC iPlayer
BoB National Watch and record programmes.
Breaking News English Read and listen to news stories, and do exercises. Especially Levels 0 to 3.
British Council – Listen and Watch Audio and video quizzes. British Council – Listen and Watch Online dictations, from elementary to advanced.
Elementary podcasts Audio broadcasts with questions. Elementary podcasts
ELLLO Recordings with transcripts and vocabulary notes. ELLLO
EnglishCentral Videos with transcripts, vocabulary, etc.
Watch news bulletins and learn key words and phrases.
Listening comprehension & note-taking Tips and exercises for listening to lectures. Listening comprehension & note-taking
Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab Listening quizzes (American accents).
Real English Videos with exercises.
Sean Banville’s sites Collection of audio quizzes.
Speaking and listening Tips and activities. Speaking and listening