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Economics words

Some common words used in economics

A abundance, advantage, aggregate, allocation, asset
B balance of payments, barter, behaviour, benefit, boom, budget
C capital, capitalism, cartel, choice, classical, command economy, commodity, competition, consumer, consumption, contraction, cost, credit, crisis, currency, curve, cycle, cyclical
D debt, default, deficit, deflation, demand, depreciation, depression, deregulation, devaluation, development, diagram, diseconomy, disposable, distribution, division of labour, domestic, downturn
E effective, efficiency, elasticity, emerging market, employment, enterprise, equilibrium, equity, exchange rate, expansion, expenditure, export, external, externality
F factor, financial, fiscal, fixed, floating, flow, free market economy, free trade, frictional
G GDP, globalization, GNP, goods, gross, growth
H household
I import, incentive, income, inelastic, inflation, infrastructure, injection, input, institution, intensive, interest rate, intervention, investment
K Keynesian
L labour, limited, liquidity, long run
M macroeconomics, manufacturing, marginal, market, microeconomics, mixed economy, model, monetary, money supply, monopoly
N nationalization, necessity, net, nominal
O opportunity cost, output
P per capita, performance, planned economy, price, price mechanism, private sector, privatization, produce, production, productivity, profitability, prosperity, protectionism, public expenditure, public goods, public sector
Q quality of life, quota
R rational, raw materials, real, recession, recovery, redistribution, regulation, resources, revenue, risk
S savings, scale, scarcity, seasonal, services, shift, shortage, slump, social cost, socialism, specialization, spiral, stability, standard of living, stimulate, stock, structural, subsidy, supply, supply-side, surplus, sustainability
T tariff, tax, taxation, trade, trade barrier, trade union, transfer
U unemployment, unlimited, utility
V value, variable
W wage, wealth, withdrawal